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5 New Gadgets to Have on Your Radar This Week

It was once again a busy week in the world of tech and gadgets. Sony bought Bungie, the game developer behind some of the most popular Xbox games (including the Halo and Destiny franchises), for an eye-watering $3.6 billion. Google rolled out a free VPN service to all iPhone owners who have a Google One Premium subscription. And messaging between Android and iMessage is finally getting a little bit better thanks to a new feature in Google Messages that shows iMessage reactions now appear as emojis instead of separate text messages.

Also, a bunch of new gadgets were announced. Here’s what you need to know.

Pro-Ject Automat A1 Turntable


Pro-Ject, the Austrian hi-fi company is best known for its high-end yet affordable turntable, announced its first-ever fully automatic turntable: the Automat A1. It’s decked out with high-quality components — including an Ortofon OM10 cartridge, 8.3-inch aluminium tonearm, metal platter, wooden chassis and a built-in phono preamp (switchable) — but, because it’s fully automatic, it’s so simple that a vinyl neophyte can easily get it up and running. It’s available for purchase now.

Price: $499


Joby Wavo Pod

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Best known for its tripods and mobile photography accessories, Jobyis announced its first line of microphones this week — with the Wavo Pod being the standout. The USB microphone is designed for streamers, podcasters and remote workers building out their desktop setup. It connects to your laptop or desktop via USB-C, supports high-resolution recording (up to 24bit/48kHz), and comes with a strikingly red pop filter attachment. Available now.

Price: $100


Peloton Heart Rate Band

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Peloton’s newest accessory, the Heart Rate Band, is a heart rate monitor that’s meant to be worn on your forearm, work with company’s companion app and give you even more fitness data while exercising on the company’s bike, treadmill and upcoming free weights. It’s works similarly to the company’s existing chest strap accessory, but wrist-bound rather than chest-bound, most people will likely find it more comfortable to wear. It’s available now.

Price: $90


Sony Bravia XR A75K

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The Bravia XR A75K is the Sony’s upcoming 4K OLED TV and it’s big selling point is price. Sony hasn’t announced its exact price yet, granted, but it’s poised to be its most affordable OLED TV to date. It will still pack two HDMI 2.1 ports and 120Hz rate rate, making it a prime fit for next-gen console gamers. But won’t have the same built-in speaker and as-nice aesthetic as Sony’s more expensive OLED TVs. The Bravia XR A75K will come in two sizes, 55″ and 65″, and is expected to be available later this year.

Price: $TBD


Motorola Moto G Stylus

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Motorola announced a 2022 version of its Moto G Stylus that’s been improved in a couple key ways. It has a similar design to its predecessor, but Motorola gave it a substantially bigger battery (5,000mAh vs the previous 4,000mAh), a display with higher refresh-rate (now 90Hz) and a higher-resolution rear camera (50MP vs the previous 48MP). And, like before, it’s one of the most affordable smartphones you can buy with a built-in stylus. It’s available for preorder now.

Price: $299


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