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Adult website links to Cozy Diner Paradise

PARADISE, Calif. – If you are looking for details on Paradise’s Cozy Diner, you may be in for an X-Rated surprise.

When you search “” you will be taken to a site that is clearly not about the beloved diner.

The diner that has risen from the Camp Fire ashes and just reopened after three years is now linked to a dirty domain.

The manager at the Cozy Diner Paradise, Tracy Darby, told Action News Now they are aware of it and working to get it down.

“I was shocked. Definitely shocked. I don’t know who would link us with that,” Darby said. “Just a simple restaurant advertisement and you can be attacked that way? It’s just not nice.”

Action News Now spoke with cybersecurity researcher William Caput. He said what happened with Cozy Diner was not a hacker, but the result of an expired domain.

If you look the site up on you can track the domain’s history. Caput walked Action News Now through the domain’s history.

“This is May 2019,” Caput said. “The website belongs to Cozy Diner. You can still see it’s their page.”

As soon as you jump forward to 2020, it rightfully belongs to the adult site.

“It’s not often you see a company that forgets to renew their domain and then have a bad guy purchase it,” Caput said. “That’s rare.”
Caput said he usually sees hackers getting into sites through advertisements.

“Your websites fine everything you’ve done is good on it, but the advertisements themselves are compromised,” Caput said. “And people can inject code where it can infect your computer.”

Most people are guilty of clicking “remind me tomorrow” when your laptop says it is time for an update.

Caput said this is part of the problem. The same thing that applies to your laptop, applies to your domain name.

“Keep your website updated at all times, run patching and if it’s hosted by a third party, make sure the third party is doing the patching,” Caput told Action News Now.

Even though the Cozy Diner’s original website is gone for good, they are looking forward.

“We’re going to be taking that completely down and changing the name to Cozy Bar and Grill,” Darby said.

This means a fresh website to reflect the new name and new menu. For now, they are asking people to not search the old link.

Darby is waiting on the new sign for out front of the restaurant to come in before they make the official switch to “Cozy Bar and Grill.” She is grateful to all the people who have already stepped into the diner their first week open.

“Three years in the making and I am coming home,” Darby said. “I feel like I was meant to be here.”–576005301.html