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Muoverti unveils indoor bike with ’tilt and balance technology’

Muoverti just unveiled a one-of-a-kind indoor trainer called the TiltBike, which it will be showing at tomorrow’s Rouleur Show in London. According to the brand, the TiltBike enables riders to balance and steer, accelerate and brake, and fully engage their entire body in a way that simulates outdoor riding, indoors. The best smart bike segment may well have become a lot more competitive now, with competitors like Wahoo KICKR Bike and WattBike Atom unable to offer anything like what Muoverti is claiming.

This ’tilting technology’ suggests that indoor cycling is inching towards a totally immersive virtual reality, that do everything they can to feel real. With indoor cycling apps such as Zwift and RGT Cycling have created virtual and real-world simulations that make it look like you’re actually cycling, but none of them offer the real feeling of actually balancing on a bike. Muoverti says it has set out to change that, with the TiltBike, and it promises a lot of the same features and capabilities of other indoor smart bikes, but with a few extras that give it its own place in the market. 

According to Muoverti, it designed an indoor smart bike that mirrors the physics of outdoor cycling and pedalling on the open road. Even the best turbo trainers – especially cheap models and wheel-on designs – can suffer from a ‘choppy’ feeling and loss of inertia in the pedal stroke, so Muoverti’s patented system is certainly intriguing.

Muoverti TiltBike

(Image credit: Muoverti )

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