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SEEDA hires Engineering Economics to review Kennon building | Local News

SHERIDAN — Following a Dec. 26 water leak in the building belonging to Kennon, the Sheridan Economic and Educational Development Authority is reviewing the building for design and construction flaws.

During its Jan. 25 meeting, the SEEDA board approved contracting with Engineering Economics Inc, of Lakewood, Colorado, to perform an “envelope design review” in the amount of $7,490 and “mechanical and plumbing commissioning” in the amount of $17,840. The total project is expected to cost $25,330.

The envelope design review involves ensuring “our design company, Arete Design, did an adequate job designing the building,” according to project manager Kent Anderson.

“They would also do some investigations — some pretty heavy investigation — into how it was built… and ensure it was built according to the design,” Anderson said.

Meanwhile, the mechanical and plumbing commissioning process involves doing testing on electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems “to ensure they were installed per the design and are functioning correctly,” Anderson said.

The process became necessary in the aftermath of a water line rupture that impacted the building’s upper floor break room and the offices below it, according to SEEDA administrator Robert Briggs.

Joe Wright, CEO of Kennon, said it was important such a situation never happened again.

“I would say that the building is fantastic, but obviously the day after Christmas sucked at Kennon,” Wright said. “It also illuminated the fact that there were, as Ken described, ‘some envelope issues.’ I think it would be advantageous…for SEEDA to make sure the building was constructed in the way it was intended to, because it’s pretty obvious that is not the case at this point.”

Anderson said the work of Engineering Economics would help ascertain any flaws in the building. Any design flaws would be fixed by Arete Design, Anderson said, while any issues with the actual construction would be fixed by the building’s contractor Sletten Construction.

The work being performed by Engineering Economics Inc. will be funded through SEEDA’s capital outlay budget, according to board member Walt Tribley.

The study of the Kennon building was just one facility study discussed by the SEEDA board on Tuesday. Similarly, there was conversation about conducting a study of the facility being used by Weatherby to ensure it is meeting the needs of its tenant.

“The way I am understanding it is…Weatherby has expanded its operations,” Tribley said. “They’ve expanded their workforce. They’ve added large amounts of munitions… So this is an assessment of that building to make sure it is compatible with the current use and the expansion.”

Anderson originally recommended a contract with Arete, for an amount not to exceed $14,400, to perform the assessment. The board argued that, since Arete designed the building, it would be valuable to get an outside opinion.

Arete’s bid was unanimously rejected by the board, and the contract for the Weatherby building assessment will be reconsidered, and likely issued to a different contractor, at the board’s next special meeting in March, Briggs said.