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SteamDiego continues serving as authority in electric steam boilers, dry saunas

Since 1948, when Bernard Garber began installation and plumbing services in San Diego, SteamDiego has become one of the foremost experts in electric steam boilers and dry saunas, in addition to comprehensive manufacturer warranty services.

“I grew up in plumbing, I’ve been plumbing on and off starting when I was 13, and somewhere in my 20s I took the business over,” said Steve Garber, whose father moved to Southern California from Milwaukee.

SteamDiego provides service for major manufacturers and suppliers of steam and sauna products throughout the United States. The company is also relied upon by manufacturers of steam and sauna equipment to serve as their expert in the field.

Garber has now been in the business for more than 30 years.

“Now all we do is steam and sauna work,” said Garber, who earned a B.A. in biology from UC Santa Cruz and a master’s degree in peace studies from University of San Diego. “I’ve really enjoyed working on steam units because it was extremely challenging in the beginning, and getting into sauna work also was very challenging. And then I built my first sauna many, many years ago for a guy in Rancho Santa Fe who happened to be a contractor.”

But he had some preexisting clients he had worked with for a long time on plumbing. Eventually, he found a plumber to refer them all to.

“I felt an obligation to my clients to take care of them, so I stuck with it for a long time,” Garber said.

That is the type of approach that SteamDiego has taken with all its clients.

“We develop good relationships with all of our clients,” Garber said. “When you’re a plumber it’s a lot easier because you’re seeing the clients a lot, there’s a lot going on. With steam work, our main thrust is communication, reliability, quick response.”

Garber also said his philosophy to customer service is that “the best response is a quick and fast response.”

SteamDiego also provides a vast array of resources on its website for customers and the questions they typically have. The company also has a blog with posts that address topics such as health benefits of using a sauna regularly, benefits of having a steam room in your home, and benefits of heat therapy in steam and sauna rooms.

“People ask us these questions all the time,” Garber said.

SteamDiego has also kept up with the many technological advances that have happened over the years.

“There are a lot of technical advances that have been made in sauna and steam work,” Garber said. “We’ve kept up to speed on all that, and we’ve kept up to speed on infrared saunas, as opposed to traditional saunas. We prefer traditional saunas, but there are alleged medical benefits.”

Garber said that his goals include growing the company gradually, which will help maintain high levels of customer service.

“We’re doing so well, I don’t like to grow too fast,” he said. “Quality and customer service are my biggest concerns.”

For more information about SteamDiego, visit or call 619-295-2780.

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