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Sukkot hazards include rogue electricity and portable fans – official

Everyone building a Sukkah for the upcoming holiday should be extra careful not to create dangerous electric improvisations or allow children to come close to mobile fans, the head of the Regulatory Administration in the Ministry of Economics, Igor Dosklovitz, said in a statement.

Dosklovitz listed a number of warnings pertinent to Sukkot in particular.

Sukkah builders should not improvise attachments to the electric grid or use electric appliances that are not fully insulated or do not have proper wiring, he said.

A Sukkah is usually comprised of wood or cloth, which are both flammable, and is liable to be dampened by rain or dew, which can ruin electrical appliances and render them unusable and dangerous.

These dangers, together with the extended period of time families stay in their Sukkah over the holiday, make the temporary shack a unique hazard.

Along with electricity-related dangers, large portable fans are also a hazard, especially for young children who are liable to put their hands through the wiring and into the way of the fan’s blades, Dosklovitz warned.

The infiltration of fingers through the wiring can cause serious harm including losing fingers, he said.


Dosklovitz called on parents to restrict their children’s access to fans, and in any case to use fans with enclosed blades which completely guard from the hands of curios children or babies.

The Regulatory Authority is the governmental body responsible for guarding the public’s safety with regards to any appliances with official regulations.