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Why is Wow internet the best?

Can you imagine living without the internet? I sure cannot.!10 minutes without an internet connection would have my skin crawling and my heart and mind sinking into unfathomable depths of boredom. To be honest, all of my work would stop, and I don’t know what to do when I’m not working. Therefore, when it comes to the internet, a person should go for the best company. No compromises should be made there.

Wow has lived up to its name of providing the best customer service in all the nine states which are under its coverage. Of late, there have been more internet outages, but these are unpredictable and not in the hands of Wow company. Wow always supports their customers the best they can. This also includes getting the team to work right away so that the problem can be fixed as soon as possible. They also communicate with their customers and keep telling them about the updates regarding fixing an issue. In 2019 Wow customer service was awarded the Cablefax Top Ops Independent Customer Service award for their outstanding work in the field of customer support.

About Wow

Currently, Wow is the sixth-largest cable provider in residential areas all over the US. It offers internet services to 9 states in the US. The coverage of Wow is greater in the case of Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. Currently, Wow has over 8 million subscribers. Luckily for all the subscribers, Wow is not one to disappoint its customers. They deliver service in all nine markets by the use of the advanced hybrid fibre coaxial network. This results in the customer receiving very high-speed internet at very affordable prices.

Wow not only offers broadband services but it also offers phone and is TV services. Therefore, Wow covers all the essential telecommunication services that you will need for your home.  There are three different TV plans available with Wow. You can choose any one of the TV plans and bundle it up with one of the internet as well as phone plans, and you are good to go.

Wow internet is served to customers via the use of fibre-optic lines as well as coaxial cables. The use of this hybrid infrastructure allows the customer to receive the best of both worlds. You get superfast internet speeds with the data travelling over the fibre-optic lines. If there is an issue, then the data changes over to cable lines. But, this does not affect the speed of the internet connection or the quality.

Wow Internet service

With more people working from home nowadays, a data cap can be very limiting. With Wow, there is nothing for the customers to worry about. This is why Wow has become so famous amongst those who are working from home or are engaged in distance learning.

If you choose to go for the Wow internet service, you will not only receive unlimited data plans, but you will also receive a variety of download speeds. They have different plans when it comes to the internet services as well like 100 MBPS, 200 MBPS, 500 MBPS and finally 1 GB. This allows you to download large PowerPoint and Excel files with ease. If you are worried about your next zoom meeting, you can put your anxiety to rest. There will not be any distortions or disruptions, and your meeting will go smoothly.

Keeping the COVID guidelines in mind, Wow is currently offering a no contact professional installation method with its internet service. Wow also has many convenient options for people to pay their bills. This can be done privately from the comfort of your home. Such perks are very beneficial when stuck in a pandemic and work from home situation.

Recently, due to the coronavirus pandemic, customers have reported that they faced a Wow internet outage a few times.

Wow internet outage

Wow tries to give their customers a steady internet connection all the time. The only issue with the Wow broadband connection is that sometimes the house is located in a neighborhood, and all houses must share a specific bandwidth. When everyone Is logged in to the internet and working, the customers may face a loss of performance at peak times. However, this is counteracted by the hybrid Wow network. The hybrid Wow network allows the data transfer to occur at much faster rates combating the problems customers face.

Despite this, sometimes complete internet outages may occur. Due to the limited availability of manpower due to the pandemic situation, it was hard for the company to repair the problems and get them resolved immediately. However, Wow has always strived to perform and give its best services to its customers. If you ever notice an Internet outage, you should stay assured that the Wow teams have already mobilized to resolve the problem as soon as possible.